raxacorico asked:

If said wedding involves two David Tennants making duck faces at each other then I'm sure we can have that arranged. Step one, acquire a David Tennant. Step two, pop over to Pete's World and snatch up Ten2 (and maybe Rose so he won't be lonely). Step three, somehow incorporate all of them into our wedding. It's a wee bit complicated, but I have faith that we can work it out.

thedailytennant answered:

he does make a good duck face


maybe we should have a duck theme. i wouldn’t mind floating down the aisle on a giant rubber ducky. and yeah it’s only a six-way wedding, we can manage.

i  have to say though i’m so glad this is now relevant in any way:


and now i’ve gotten completely off track


are you sure you want to marry me

because our house will be full of